March 24th. “Argentine Tango” show. Orquesta Tango Pasional (Moscow)

“Argentine Tango” show will be held on the small stage of Kharkiv national academic theater of opera and ballet on March 24th at 19:00 


Unique musical/dance program with participation of dancers of the Milagro del Tango.


Orquesta Pasional is the quintessence of musical energy, passion and forward movement.
This young band plays with a special energy and creates a miraculous atmosphere during its concerts. Their repertoire includes tango of the “Golden age” (1930-40 years: orchestras of J. d‘Arienzo, F.Canaro, C. di Sarli, R. Biaggi, J. Garcia, O.Pugliese) and melodies by Astor Piazzolla, as well as copyright pieces. Intensive work on the arrangements makes their sound rich and intense. Orquesta Pasional is a constant guest of different tango-festivals in Russia (Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Tyumen) and abroad (Leipzig, Mattstedt, Riga, Odessa, Budapest).









Tickets can be bought at the theater ticket windows across the city or booked by telephone:


+38 (050) 98-08-267
+38 (093) 90-57-830




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