During MilonGato 2020 we offer you several tango workshops from Victoria Rybalchenko and Den Shevchenko and lectures on history of tango from Andres Vilks and and German Nemoljakin.
Teachers of Milagro del Tango school
Victoria Rybalchenko
ve Denis Shevchenko
Victoria Rybalchenko and Denis Shevchenko are the heads of the biggest tango school in Kharkiv– Milagro del Tango. Bright and charismatic personalities, they, first of all, see tango as a dialogue. Thus, their method is based not on memorizing figures, but learning biomechanics of movements that allows achieving freedom in dance and a deeper emotional contact inside a couple. As good teachers, Victoria and Den are permanently working on improving their skills, attend festivals and workshops of the best European and Argentinian maestros.
Andres Vilks
Tango DJ
German Nemoljakin
Tango DJ
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