During MilonGato 2019 we offer you several tango workshops from Victoria Rybalchenko and Den Shevchenko and a lecture on history of tango from Andres Vilks.
Teachers of Milagro del Tango school
Victoria Rybalchenko
and Denis Shevchenko
Victoria Rybalchenko and Denis Shevchenko are the heads of the biggest tango school in Kharkiv– Milagro del Tango. Bright and charismatic personalities, they, first of all, see tango as a dialogue. Thus, their method is based not on memorizing figures, but learning biomechanics of movements that allows achieving freedom in dance and a deeper emotional contact inside a couple. As good teachers, Victoria and Den are permanently working on improving their skills, attend festivals and workshops of the best European and Argentinian maestros.
Victoria and Den will give three workshops:
12:00 – 13:30:
"I'm not a slowpoke, I'm just slowing down" Part 1
We'll learn how to slow down harmonically and musically. The topic has two parts. During the first one we'll review the technical aspects needed for slowing movement. The second will be dedicated to musicality (we highly recommend to take both workshops together. If you're planning to take one, it should be the first one)
14:00 – 15:30:
"I'm not a slowpoke, I'm just slowing down" Part 2
Attending the first workshop is required for this part.
13:00 – 14:30:
Milonga. "Simple, but spicy"
Some sequences for playing with music in milonga.
Andres Vilks
Tango DJ
17:30 – 20:30:
Lecture on history of tango (1880-1995).
- Cultural peculiarities of Buenos Aires of the late 19th – early 20th century that influenced form of tango

- Origin, evolution and migration of tango across Europe
- 'Founding fathers', first authors, their melodies and texts
- Lunfardo and its meaning
- Tango gets from the streets to the salons
- First academies of tango and their difference from contemporary schools
- Terms organito, yuyo, farol, gomina (and how that gomina split up the society), caja, difference between compadre и compadrito, difference between "tango con letras" and "tango cancion", Guardia Vieja, Guardia Nueva, Vanguardia and many other notions
- Great dancers of the early 20th century
- Incomparable Gardel, Corsini, Magaldi and Maizani
- Golden Age orchestras
- Opposition between the government of Argentina and tango
- Relations between orchestras and their leaders
- Argentine tango visits the USSR
- Funny stories, historical anecdotes and memories of the witnesses
Tango workshops
Prices for preregistration before April 12:
1 workshop - 300 UAH
2 workshops - 500 UAH
3 workshops - 700 UAH

Prices at the entrance:
300 UAH per each workshop
Lecture on tango history
Prices for preregistration before April 12:
200 UAH

Prices at the entrance:
250 UAH
Preregistration for workshops is till April 2019
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